Started in 2015 by Ala Krivá and Lenka Krivá, CILA was a project with the vision of once becoming a sustainable fashion brand. With previous work experiences and great team, we built a business that cares about the people and environment.
CILA designs clothes for woman who crave for timeless comfortable handcrafted pieces. Because we believe in minimalist and practical wardrobe, we created a capsule collection made from organic and sustainable fabrics. Our products are made in Slovakia by local manufacturers around Považská Bystrica. CILA is responsible brand and our aim is to have the minimal impact on nature. We work on new ideas everyday to make better, beautiful clothes you want to wear for every occasion.

Slow fashion and sustainability

Slow fashion is the movement of creating and buying garments for quality and longevity. It stands for slower production, fair wages, lower carbon footprints,, ethical sourcing, sustainable materials and ideally, zero waste. For us, quality matters. Our production is responsible and you can count on our fairness towards manufacturers and customers.

And saves your money. By investing in high quality well-designed garments, you will able to wear it more than just one season. They are made to last.


CILA offers only small collection of original pieces, limited editions and design. By purchasing our products, you support slovak artists and craftsmen.


Child labour and long shifts in a dangerous environment for extremely low wages are the everyday reality of people in developing countries. By purchasing slow fashion products, you stand against cruel practises and work exploitation of big fashion companies.


Unlike other international brands, we don´t want to stay anonymous. Know our team, partners, co-workers, origin of our fabrics and places where we create our products.

Our material


Our cotton is gots certified. Global organic textile standard is the most stringent international biotex certification. It means that fabric contains at least 95% of organic cotton. The production of organic cotton t-shirt consumes 20% less water, has a smaller carbon footprint and does not pollute the rivers as much as production of the regular cotton t-shirt. Less chemicals used for growing the cotton means less chemicals on your skin.


A percentage of fabrics is left unused during the garment production. Many times these are good quality fabrics but in small quantity, which is not attractive for big brands.  Companies often throw such fabrics away, but we give them a second chance. By using deadstock fabric, we save thousands of litres of water. The process of transforming waste and unwanted materials into new products is called upcycling.


The production of linen fabrics is fully sustainable and has wonderful qualities – it´s biodegradable, hypoallergenic, good temperature equalizer during summer days, durable and looks better over time. We love linen.

We appreciate the existence of small Slovakian businesses. Some of “our fabrics” (wool, denim) are purchased from local producer. The cooperation with local people supports the local production. 100% wool used for our coats was made in Slovakia.

Capsule collection

Imagine you own only 40 pieces of clothing and always have something to wear.

Capsule wardrobe needs time and money investment in the beginning. But the result is worth it because it has many advantages:

  1. You need less space to store your clothes
  2. Spend less time with difficult morning decision what to wear
  3. Help you find your unique style and perfect fit
  4. Beautiful and quality clothes
  5. Inspire you to be more creative, because you will always find new way how to wear your pieces
In CILA we design our products to match together, we created capsule wardrobe. Our favorite pieces are: